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located in the beautiful and iconic Noosa at the top of the Sunshine Coast.
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Wednesday and Saturday Noosa Brewery Tours

Join us for the best craft beer tour Noosa has to offer, sampling beers from Noosa’s finest award- winning independent craft breweries. Nothing to do but awaken your senses with ice-cold thirst- quenching craft beers, munch on delicious food and make friends with fellow beer lovers.

I’ll drink to that!

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Friday and Sunday Noosa Hinterland Distillery Tours

Immerse yourself in Noosa’s newest and only distillery tour. We are excited to take you on a wonderful journey that will see you sipping on exceptional boutique spirits at the most impressive local distilleries. Add in starters and lunch to make this a simple, fun, perfect day out.

Here’s to you!

We have done all the hard, not to mention fun work, testing out the local breweries as well as distilleries and are excited to present you with the finest possible brewery/distillery experience in Noosa and its hinterland which includes the tastiest award-winning beers and gins, most delicious food and immersing atmospheres.

Noosa Brewery Tours offer a choice of two tours, with the first being a local Noosa Brewery Tour and the second a Noosa Hinterland Distillery tour.

Our tours offer door to door pick up and return for groups of four or more on the sunshine coast, so sit back and enjoy the scenery whilst our friendly Noosa local guides take you out on an all-inclusive craft beer/gin tour to the best local breweries and distilleries peppered throughout stunning Noosa and its picturesque hinterland.

On arrival at the first brewery / distillery you will be served a paddle of icy cold locally brewed and crafted beers or gins to sample. The second brewery/distillery will see you served with an appetising starter and their own unique craft beer or gin sampler with the third brewery/distillery supplying a delicious lunch and their signature craft beer or gin paddle before being delivered safely home.

Our aim is to whisk you away on a fully organised stress-free planned tour that you only need to book relax and enjoy, leaving everything else up to Noosa Brewery Tours.

Locals supporting locals.

Noosa Brewery Tours

Noosa Brewery - Distillery Tours - Hinterland

Noosa Hinterland Brewery and Distillery Tours

Noosa Brewery - Distillery Tours - Hinterland