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Wednesday and Saturday Noosa Brewery Tours


Join us for the best craft beer tour Noosa has to offer, sampling beers from Noosa’s finest award- winning independent craft breweries. Nothing to do but awaken your senses with ice-cold thirst- quenching craft beers, munch on delicious food and make friends with fellow beer lovers.

I'll drink to that!

Friday and Sunday Noosa Hinterland Brewery & Distillery Tours


Immerse yourself in Noosa’s newest and only distillery tour. We are excited to take you on a wonderful journey that will see you sipping on exceptional boutique spirits at the most impressive local distilleries. Add in starters and lunch to make this a simple, fun, perfect day out.

Here’s to you!

Wine and Self-Guided Tours


Noosa Brewery Tours also offer private charters for larger groups or groups who want to have an exclusive tour, whether it be family gatherings, celebrations or work functions, etc. We are the company to call to meet all your charter needs.

Bottoms Up!