‘Fortune’ Noosa Heads Distillery

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‘Fortune’ Noosa Heads Distillery

Land and Sea Brewery, home of Fortunes Distillery is Noosa's first and only distillery. They are proud locals who sincerely care about Noosa and our overall natural environment hence when creating their products, they use only the finest local sunshine ingredients which are sourced as locally and sustainably as possible to support our community and give back where possible.

Noosa Heads Distillery boasts a mammoth 2000 litre Copper Pot Reflux Still which has diverse capabilities, with each column differentiating from its predecessor. Fortunes Gin is bathed and boiled much like a traditional London Dry, their Single Malt, pot to condenser keeping true to it’s roots. All hand bottled and labelled, a labour of love that has seen them take home three medals from the inaugural 2019 Royal Australian Spirit Awards for their Signature Dry Gin, Peter Phillips Navy Strength Gin & the soon to be released White Cane un-aged Agricole Rum!

Land and Sea have a firm customer base not only for their expertise in crafting award winning gins as well as unique and memorable beers, which is reason alone to visit, or their mouthwatering delicious menu but also for their wonderfully attentive and friendly staff who welcome you and add to the overall experience as well as their well thought out industrial modern design that immerses you in the super cool ambiance you feel as soon as you step inside. They have definitely pulled out all the stops with high ceilings and the use of raw materials which make their distillery absolutely stunning and a must see.

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