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Pomona Distilling Co

Pomona Distilling Co. are a small-batch boutique distillery specialising in artisan spirits, situated in the historical site of the original Pomona Bakery built in the early 1900’s and are nestled at the foothills of Mt Cooroora, known for the annual competition ‘King of the Mountain”. The town of Pomona is aptly named after the roman goddess of fruitful abundance, and just as Pomona did, they want to provide for their town and showcase all that comes from within the local community.

Their Master Distiller Robyn Yates uses the artisan methodology, which allows the time to bring careful consideration into every step of the distilling process. Pomona Distilling Co. does not believe in mass production, their focus is on quality not quantity and believe in delivering only the purist of spirits matched with local native botanicals that capture the true Pomona Spirit.

And that it does……… with exceptional, unique, hand crafted blends such as a Signature Dry Gin, Pink Gin, Butterfly Pea Flower Gin and vodka as well as creative cocktails and a great selection of local craft beer on tap, you are sure to get into the Pomona spirit!

Incorporating the original brickwork from the old bakery is a master stroke along with the lush green canopy of luxurious hanging plants, heritage timbers and reclaimed material you will be transported to the warm, charming, quaint atmosphere that country villages are known for. You can’t help but want to settle in and absorb the enchanting surrounds while sipping on their superbly hand-crafted blends and nibbling on something delightful from their delicious menu that is designed with a pinch of the classics, spiced up with an elegant Thai street-inspired flavour using the best fresh produce.

Pomona Distilling Co. embodies the creativity, character and community spirit that is Pomona.

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